Last week I saw this awesome scene of a tree branch casting the greatest decal over a white car. I instantly thought that I had to get this shot for you guys, but this ended up being one of the more difficult photos that I’ve tried to get so far.


If the Sony a6000 has one glaring flare, it would be low-light performance. This was never going to be a strength on an entry-level mirrorless, but I really had trouble getting a shot that wasn’t destroyed by noise. And because this was an outdoor night scene where I was trying to photograph a shadow, I couldn’t add my own flash or lighting because that would have erased the subject from the photo. Plus, I don’t think it’d be a great idea to be shining flashlights into a stranger’s cars at night.

Overall I walked away a bit disappointed because I didn’t feel like I really captured the full effect of what I was seeing into film. In the end I got a couple of cool shots, but there’s little flaws with all of them. I didn’t walk away empty handed though, and thats what matters.


So the first shot I took, I was immediately at 10000 ISO, and it really shows. I needed it to be light enough to make the shadows very distinguishable from the white canvas though. It wasn’t the simple effect that was cool, but the all the little details, like the crispness of each branch and bud. It was like an OCD artist had taken a sharpie to the car. I wanted to get all of that detail in the shot, and the cost of that was noise.

First Attempt Decal-00694

As you can see the noise was counterproductive to that goal. But raising exposure wasn’t going to cut it in a true night scene with minimal light, so ISO is unavoidable. Another thing that was hard was getting the right framing. I couldn’t stand at the angle I really wanted because I would be blocking the light from the lamp that was casting the shadow, or cause my shadow to be in the shot.

Stupid Shadow-00714

I also wanted to get a nice wide shot of the whole car, but because of the above issues, the picture wasn’t coming out very impressive, grainy and with my shadow over half the car.

Angles 2-00733

Notice I worked a bit with how much I wanted to fill the frame to see how much of the car was needed to make the photo make sense.


Anyways like in all cases, if all else fails just change angles. While lots of angles I tried didn’t work, I managed to find a few that I did like, the one in the title and this one.

Good One 2-00719

As evident though, this was only a couple out of many.
Angles-00729 Tough-00700

I hope you guys enjoyed. I might mess around a bit more with these in editing, but I don’t know if it’s worth it with all this noise. If I get anything cool, I’ll definitely share. Thanks for reading, let me know if you have any tips or questions on the this set.