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Manual Stick

How to Take Great Photos Part II: Why Manual?

Manual Mode Most professional photographers shoot in some form of manual mode. The reason for shooting in manual is the same as the reason for driving in stick….

Great Photos

How to Take Great Photos Part I: Manual 101

Manual 101 This will be series of posts for people who have begun learning about photography and have asked themselves the question, “what really makes a great photo?”…

Lots of Colorful Prime and Zoom Lens Options

How to Get Your First Lens Part II: Zoom vs. Prime

Intro to Prime Lenses Any lens that has a range of lengths is a zoom lens. This means that you can shoot at any focal length in the…

A Man with his First Lens

How to Get Your First Lens Part I: Focal Lengths

Getting the first lens for your camera system is a challenging process for beginners. The cost of a lens is so high that you don’t want to get…

Image of Two Sony a6000

Sony a6000 First Impressions

Now that I’ve owned the Sony a6000 for about month, I thought I’d put down some of my first impressions. I’ll mostly describe the things that I’ve experienced instead…

Mirrorless Camera or DSLR

Why I Went Mirrorless for My First “DSLR”

First, the disclaimer. I’m not a camera expert. Like you, I decided one day that I enjoyed photography enough to go from cellphone hip-shooter to DSLR wielder. So I…